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Colombian Films Win Big at World-Class Festivals
Berlin, Sundance and Santa Barbara Festivals recognize quality of Colombian productions
On February 19, the Colombian feature El vuelco del cangrejo (Crap Trap), first film by director Oscar Ruiz Navia, was awarded the International Federation of Film Critics’ Award in the Forum category (one of three categories judged by the Federation) at the 60th Berlin Film Festival, where the Colombian film Retratos en un mar de mentiras by Carlos Gaviria also screened. The day before, the Berlinale Talent Campus published the winner of the Score Competition: another Colombian, Camilo Sanabria. This recent recognition at a major festival follows the success of the co-production Contracorriente (Colombia/Peru/Germany/France), first film by Peruvian director Javier Fuentes-León and winner of the Audience Award for Best International Dramatic Film at the recent Sundance Festival, and the New Vision Award for Best Spanish and Latin American Film awarded Ciro Guerra’s Los viajes del viento at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, confirming the progress made in film production quality in Colombia.

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For the First Time in Colombia, a City is Recreated for an Audiovisual Production
Fez, Marruecos

The set covers over 2,000 square meters and is owned by RTI / Telemundo Estudios
On a lot in Girardot (Cundinamarca), a few miles from the capital city of Bogotá, RTI / Telemundo (NBC- Universal) took the trouble to reconstruct part of Morocco for the first international adaptation of the Brazilian soap “El Clone”, one of Brazilian Globo’s most successful and biggest-selling television productions. The soap aired for the first time on February 15 on Telemundo when rating’s for the premiere episode eclipsed those of the original Brazilian version. It is scheduled to begin airing on March 8, on Galavision, one of the largest Univision channels featuring the best of Mexican programming for US audiences.

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NatGeo Spain’s “La experiencia de tu vida” (“Experience of a Lifetime”) to Air in April
The twelve participants in one of the locations

3,200 people signed up to participate in this contest organized by Proexport Colombia, NatGeo and FOX
After NatGeo Latin America broadcast the promotional phrase “National Geographic shows the world the best images of Colombia,” in February, the one-hour docu-reality show “La experiencia de tu vida” will hit the air in April, hoping to position the country as a world-class tourist destination. The program is an initiative of Proexport’s (Colombian export promotions office) Vice President’s Office on Tourism and was produced by Fox Telecolombia. The show follows the adventures of 6 couples from Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, the US, Peru and Venezuela, who travel for 10 days through 4 of the country’s regions to reveal Colombia’s major attractions. They were selected after participating in a contest in September of last year.

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English International Poster
Premiere of “Del amor y otros demonios” (“Of Love and Other Demons”), a Co-Production Filmed in Cartagena
The film based on the novel by Nobel award winner Gabriel García Márquez was co-produced by Colombia’s CMO Producciones
On March 3rd, at the Adolfo Mejía Theater in Cartagena (formerly the Heredia Theater), the Colombian film “Del amor y otros demonios” premiered as part of the Cartagena International Film Festival. This first film by Costa Rican director Hilda Hidalgo was produced by CMO Producciones (Colombia) and Aliciafilms (Costa Rica). The film’s commercial release in Colombia is scheduled for March 2010. It was awarded a grant from the Colombian Film Development Fund (FDC) and had its world premiere in the World Cinema category at the Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea, Asia’s foremost film showcase specializing in new film talent and outstanding first films.

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Oscar Ruíz Navia in Berlin
Oscar Ruiz Navia, director of the film El vuelco del cangrejo (Crab Trap), winner of Critics’ Award in Berlin

Director/Producer/Screenwriter, born in Cali, Colombia in 1982. After studying at Colombia’s Escuela de Cine at the Universidad Nacional’, he graduated from the Universidad del Valle’s Communications School. He was Assistant Director on Carlos Moreno’s Perro come perro, a film selected for the Sundance Festival and nominated for a Goya Award; and Assistant DP on the feature films El Rey by Antonio Dorado and Oscar Campo’s Yo soy otro.

In 2006, Ruiz founded Contravía Films, an independent film company focusing on producing his films and those of other up-and-coming directors. He coordinated the “Cine de Autor” film club at the Visual Arts Foundation “Lugar de Dudas” and participated in the 2nd Buenos Aires Talent Campus. He made his directing and producing debut with the feature film El Vuelco del Cangrejo, winner of the International Federation of Film Critics’ Forum Award (one of three awards bestowed by the Federation) at the 60th Berlin Film Festival and premiered the film at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2009. Ruiz was also awarded grants from Fonds Sud Cinéma and The Global Film Initiative, participated at the 5th Buenos Aires Lab during the 10th Annual BAFICI and was selected for the Open Doors section of the 61st Locarno Film Festival. He is set to produce the upcoming feature La Sirga written by William Vega, winner of grants from the Ibermedia Program and the Carolina Foundation in 2009. He has been invited to attend the Business Forum at the 2010 Valdivia Film Festival.



Promotional Video from CMO Producciones, producers of “Of Love and Other Demons”

Promotional reel from CMO Producciones presenting not only company’s services and products but a brief overview of the advantages – constantly growing in past years – of producing new audiovisual projects in Colombia. CMO Producciones produces film and television and was founded over 10 years ago by Clara Maria Ochoa Dominguez. The company offers a variety of services to national and foreign producers including executive production and consultancy during any stage of the project, from script analysis, budget design, production and post-production administration, distribution and screening of work to financial management including reception and management of funds and analysis of budget viability and control.

The company is currently developing the feature films Espérame en el cielo with Montjuic Entertainment and Yakima Films in Spain; Salud mental co-produced with Salamandra Producciones and Tequila Gang in Mexico; Sueños de familia with Río Negro Producciones, Adicta Films and Barracuda Producciones and Los demonios del Edén with Alicia Films. They have produced films such as Del Amor y otros demonios, Bolívar soy yo, El ángel de acordeón, Esto huele mal and Soñar no cuesta nada, the latter one of Colombia’s largest grossing films, which went on to be serialized for television, produced by the same company, under the title “Regreso a la guaca”, and handled pre-production of Rosario Tijeras. >>



enlaceamor.jpg Official website of the film Of Love and Other Demons


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Medellin from the roof of the new arenas

Medellin Opens New International-Standard Stadiums for the South American Games

The City of Medellin has finished work on new sporting arenas to be used in competitions at the IX South American Games scheduled from March 19-30 of this year. New or completely remodeled, the seven structures located within the Atanasio Girardot Sport Center and the Andres Escobar Sport Center in the Belen neighborhood comply with demanding international standards. Also ready to go is the 620-unit Villa Suramericana, a housing complex designed to lodge members of international delegations. The complex is located in the La Aurora sector and is accessible on the Metrocable public transportation cable car line.
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"I take advantage of every opportunity I get to work outside my own country. They said, “We’re going to Colombia, we’ll recreate the whole thing in Bogotá, on natural sets…” and when there was a bar in the scene, it was a bar; almost nothing was shot on a soundstage. That’s one of the things I liked best – aside from the country itself, which I love, and its people. Truly, when it came time to find a location, it seemed easy; even working on the street was easier. I think it’s very easy to work here". Hugo Silva, star of the TVE (Televisión Española) series shot in Colombia, “Karabudjan”.

"Actually, I had very few expectations when I came. I was looking forward to seeing the country but I had no idea what I’d find. You hear things in Spain, but they’re mostly clichés. I love getting to know a country while working there, not as a tourist, but sharing day-to-day experiences with local people. It’s been wonderful- I love the people, it’s a great country and very undiscovered. It’s really worth getting to know. I’m so happy, I don’t want to leave!". Marta Nieto, star of the TVE (Televisión Española) series shot in Colombia, “Karabudjan”.







Bogotá (Colombia)
Address: Carrera 16# 79-76 Suite 603
Cell: (+57) 318 2854232
Toronto (Canada)
Address: 6 Shields Court Suite 201 Markham, Ontario Canada L3R 4S1
Phone: 1-(647) 271-3342

BRASH 3D offers audiovisual production and post-production services including 3D modeling and animation, video graphic composition, special effects, and audiovisual editing. The company was founded in Toronto (Canada) in 2004 and following its success in North America has begun to expand into the Latin American market using Bogotá (Colombia) as its base. One of the company’s founders, Jaime Lopez, started out producing laser shows around the world in events such as the “New Millennium” show in Rio de Janeiro. He then used his knowledge of 3D graphics to create a special software for VJS integrating lights and LED screens. This software is globally recognized as one of the best of its kind and has been used by artists such as Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Eros Ramazzotti, Andrea Bocelli, Nelly Furtado, Kid Rock, Good Charlotte, Madonna, Moby and many others in their concerts.

In Colombia, the company also offers services such as screenwriting, directing, photography, lighting and camera for film and television commercials. Post-production services include audio and video editing, digital compositing, model creation and CGI animation, mastering and Digital Film format treatment as well as interactive and multimedia services.
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Proexport Colombia

Proexport Colombia
Bogotá (Colombia)
Address: Calle 28 No. 13A - 15 Floors 1, 35 and 36
Phone: (+571) 5600 100
Commercial offices around the world: Beijing, Caracas, Mexico City, Frankfurt, Lima, London, Madrid, Miami, Quito, San José (Costa Rica), Guatemala City, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Rome
Commercial agents: Brussels, Caribbean, Washington, New York, New Delhi

Organization in charge of promoting the export of goods and services, international tourism and foreign investment in Colombia. Proexport Colombia supports and consults with Colombian businesses and provides services that facilitate the design and execution of internationalization strategies, helping to generate, develop and close on business opportunities. The organization’s general goals include improving Colombia’s image around the world, promoting investment, making the country a preferred destination for tourists and corporations from around the world, and providing goods and services to international markets.
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Región: Caribbean Region
Ciudad: Cartagena
Departamento: Bolívar
Nombre: Claustro de Santo Domingo
Descripción: Of clacicist influence (17th century), located at the historical center of the city.

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