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Career Girls: Financial Manager "Independent Study with Barbara Jordan"

This clip is part the Career Girls ongoing series of career guidance/inspiration videos. See more at

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BYU Independent Study Kite Boy - BYU Independent Studys new commercial Kite Boy inspires people to Achieve the Impossible. This commercial features a boy who creates ...

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Kaitlyn Spanish Portfolio, BYU Independent Study Spanish 053-003

This video is a combination of audio and brochure to bring life to the portfolio assignment.

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Independent Study - Documentary

This documentary follows the struggles of a music student as he attempts to tackle a challenging Independent Study project.

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BYU Independent Study - Introductory Biology

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Nina's independent study project

The Academy Learning Center has a hybrid Homeschool where students are encouraged to ask questions about curious things and research those ...

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New Independent Study: What caused sexual abuse of minors in the Church?

The questions that constantly come up in the sex abuse scandal are "why?" and "how?" A new independent study by a prestigious criminology ...

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Why you should take CIS: Computing Independent Study next year!

PLEASE CLICK AN AD TO SUPPORT THIS PROJECT! Here's a short video about what we've accomplished so far this year in the independent study class. I ...

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"Independent Study" - an IB Higher Level Film Production

Plot - Two students are set an impossible deadline for an essay in an IB film lesson. It is the last lesson of the day and instead of staying ...

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Independent Studies

Video by Producciones Escazú.

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Independent Study - Latin Dance Collaboration Junko&Jersten 05`-06`

three weeks into Independent Study. 2 - research;; 1 of actual dancing. Dances worked on: Cha-cha, Bachata, Tango, & Rhumba. Recorded by Andika ...

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BYU Independent Study Commercial - Gym Class

Directed by David Bisson Music by Micah Dahl

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Independent Study- Glassblowing

This was an independent study i did in 2007. It is a short documentary i used for my demo reel. This video has received national recognition from ...

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BYU Independent Study Rocket Boy - BYU Independent Studys new commercial Rocket Boy inspires people to Achieve the Impossible. This commercial features a boy who ...

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Independent Study

Made in about 10 minutes

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ALEX & KIERAN 01: An Independent Study

Alex Holden and Kieran Mulroy are Flintridge Prep seniors in the heady time of spring semester, college apps and conservatory auditions completed ...

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BYU Independent Study Commercial - super hero #2

Directed by David Bisson Starring Jeff Blake

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Independent Study Report of the SSA Incident

Independent Study Report of the Severn Sailing Association Incident from the summer of 2011.

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BYU Independent Study - Get To Know Us

BYU Independent Study - Get To Know Us

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Meet Virginia

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UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact - 1 of 8

alien technology, UFO-crash retrievals, back-engineering and possible ...

More FIX on the NET @ FIX University Cultural Campus


BYU Independent Study Commercial -Accommodating Disabilities


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Animation Independent Study Week 2

Music is "The Lung" by Dinosaur Jr.

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BYU Independent Study - Financial Literacy

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Mason's Third Grade Independent Study Project

At the end of the school year in Quest (Gifted and Talented), each student must select a subject for an independent study project. Mason chose ...

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Independent Study Video

The Xpress looks at one of the many Independent studies at Xavier High School.

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Independent study final product: Clubs

This is one of three final videos that I am producing for my independent study on juggling. In case of copyright issues, I am also uploading this ...

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The Most Popular Study Guide How To Study Independent Study Finding The Best Popular Study Guide right here! Popular Study GuideVideos & Guide! Save your time! Here's you will ...

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e-learning Independent Study

This course allows you to pursue independent self-study in your own area of interest in blended in e‑learning under the guidance of a faculty ...

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no 1 Course Structure and Independent Study

Created by Debra Hills. Part of a web resource for International students planning to study a Masters at Queen Mary, University of London. This ...

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Aerial, Handbalancing, and Ground Work: Independent Study Circus "Product"

Montage of some of my work over the past couple years. Being shown as part of an independent study "product" for school

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BYU Independent Study Caveman Commercial (60 Second Spot) - BYU Independent Study's new commercial Caveman inspires people to Achieve the Impossible. This commercial features a caveman who uses ...

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REACH Independent Study, pt 1

The presentation made for my REACH Independent Study topic, which was Sound Recording. This was made for the REACH Exhibit in May 2007 at Fairview ...

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Independent Study at Skidmore College (Dance Department)1

A choreographed independent study by a student in the dance department at Skidmore College, Emily Pacilio. Performed on Oct 22, 2011 in the Tang ...

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moxieTODAY Independent Study - Arts and Culture

An independent study hosted by Daniel D'Alonzo at Rutgers University yielded amazing work from the students. Here is a video made by one of the ...

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Independent Study Project - Community Service

McKenzie was interviewed on the Humble ISD program "Your Schools" by the district Superintendent and host to discuss her service learning project ...

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BYU Independent Study Commercial - Counselor's Office

Directed by Trevor Campbell

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BYU Independent Study Commercial - Paris

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Business By the Book Independent Study

Larry Burkett's best-selling book, Business by the Book, has taught literally thousands of businesspeople how to transform their businesses and ...

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Independent Study: Pilot

Starring Erick White Ed Gillespie Julie Cahill Kelly Barrett Bobby Ricci Created by Kelly Barrett

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Independent Study: How Could I Ever Forget?

Niagara University Independent Study Project of Next to Normal

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Meet Virginia

MY version of Meet Virginia I completed for an Independent Studyde dizzyherupVisto 41834 veces


UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact - 1 of 8

alien technology, UFO-crash retrievals, back-engineering and possible ...


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