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FIX Looks @ Colombian Film Commission

Colombia is Present in the Current Edition of the American Film Market

Besides promoting its films the country will promote Colombia as a motion picture setting
Colombia will have a stand in the American Film Market (AFM), one of the most important markets to close deals for the production and distribution of independent motion pictures that will be held from November 4 to 10 in the city of Santa Monica, California (USA). The Colombian delegation is led by the Colombian Film Commission represented by commissioner, Silvia Echeverri; Lina Sánchez, director of information and sites; and Claudia Triana, director of PROIMÁGENES en Movimiento. The presence of Colombia in the AFM is supported by the Ministry of Culture; “Colombia is Passion” and the Bogota Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Sports.

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Moviecity Pack holds the debut of “Kdabra” a fully Colombian-produced film
Fox-Telecolombia was the company in charge of producing the series
Starting at 11 pm, next November 12, the first episode of Kdabra will simultaneously be featured in Internet and TV; it will also be featured in the following channels: Moviecity HD, Moviecity, Cityvibe, Citimix, Cinecanal and the Film Zone; this is the first original drama series fully produced by Moviecity Pack Originals and Fox International Channels. Fox-Telecolombia, fiction content producer for the Fox Group produced in High Definition the thirteen 1-hour episodes with the participation of a large part of the production team that produced the series “Final Time” and “Mental”.

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Shooting Colombia: Producers from all over the World find Colombia’s Best Looks
The documentary is part of The Colombian Connection Project
Shooting Colombia is the result of a twelve-day visit where ten young professionals from different nations visit some of the most beautiful regions and cities of Colombia, included in which are Bogotá, the Coffee-growing area, Cartagena and Parque Tayrona, just to mention a few. Besides enjoying the landscape, they made contact with the communities in each region and hence learned about the characteristic biodiversity of the Colombian culture.

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The Colombian/Costa Rican Film “Del Amor y Otros Demonios” successfully started its Road show in the Pusan Film Festival
CMO Producciones is the Colombian firm that co-produced the film based on the book written by Gabriel García Márquez - Nobel prizewinner
Past October was the debut of the film: Del amor y otros demonios - directed by Hilda Hidalgo – during the International Film Festival held in Pusan, South Korea; this festival is considered the most important film showcase in the Asian Continent, focusing on presenting new movie stars and outstanding prima operas. This motion picture is based on Gabriel García Márquez’ book bearing the same title. The author was the Nobel Prizewinner in Literature (1982). In the production of this film five people from Costa Rica, three Argentineans, one Cuban, three Spaniards and a Mexican citizen participated as actors and actresses, the rest of the team was formed by Colombian talent.

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Felipe Martinez, Director of Kdabra

Felipe Martinez completed the Motion Pictures & TV career at the Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos de Madrid (TAI), and is proficient in different fields of audiovisual production as a script writer, producer and editor. During his permanence in the capital of Spain, Martinez produced the short film: Ticket, followed by: Club, a film recorded in 16 mm; subsequently he produced: Siguiente por favor, a 3-minute short video that was transmitted by the TV program: Entrada Libre, on Madrid’s local channel: Localia. After this work, he performed as a script writer and in recent years in the Maltés movie produced by David Raventos; and he directed: Low-Batt also, besides being assistant director in the short film: Carla de Amaya Sumpsi.

Upon returning to Colombia, he was hired by the Colombian film company: Teleset as a script writer for the Reality Show: Expedición Robinson Ecuador, ¿Ya vamos a llegar? And, the contest program: Pasapalabra, while simultaneously working as assistant director and editor with Laberinto Producciones. At this filming company he produced many TV commercials and his prima opera: Bluff (2007), a long film recorded in high definition video that was awarded the Colombian “Convocatoria del Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico in production and post-production. Recently, he has directed several chapters of the successful TV series: Tiempo Final transmitted by Fox Channel (1st, 2nd and 3rd seasons) besides directing the series: Sin retorno, on the Colombian RCN channel. Martinez directed the telefilms: El gran robo and Una anomalía perfecta, and in 2008, he directed one of the chapters of Spain’s version of: Sin tetas no hay paraíso for Telecinco. En 2009, he directed all the new series of Kdabra, produced by Moviecity Pack Originals and Fox International Channels, and is currently directing the long film Doble, where he is the director and co-script writer together with Esteban Orozco.

Colombian Short Film was awarded the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge

Here, you can see the full short film: Star Wars in the Notebook, directed by the young Colombian citizen, Oscar Triana. A film awarded as the best animation of the eighth ‘Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge’ contest produced by the filming company: Lucasfilm and the portal of audiovisual contents: Atom Films. The award was delivered during the most recent edition of the Comic-Con convention in San Diego (California – US).

This short recreates, as a tribute, the story of Star Wars: “New Hopes", with cutouts representing remembrances taken from a boy’s notebook.

The animation is a plane without cuts filmed in 2D and some elements in 3D, managing a system of pencil-drawn cutouts, built in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.
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Official site: Kdabra

Holyday Inn Express, Bogotá

Major Hotel Chains Worldwide are Considering Colombia

Inter-Continental Hotels Group (IHG) & Marriott International Inc. are betting on the country with several projects in different cities. IHG recently opened the Holiday Inn Express on 94th St in Bogotá and plans to open another five hotels in this country, one of which will be located in Medellin, and another two in Cartagena and Barranquilla. At the same time, Marriott opened the doors of the Marriott Bogotá early in October in the area of Ciudad Salitre and is building another one in the Colombian capital’s financial area.

“We are opening a great hotel in a great country, with a great partner for business,” said Bill Marriott to a local newspaper; he is the CEO of the hotel chain bearing his name, who added that they have practiced visits to different cities to conduct the respective studies. The Marriott hotels shall operate in the country under a franchise with Real Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of the Poma Group, located in El Salvador. “We started to analyze several countries in South America to find out their investment conditions. We also took the size into consideration because the number of inhabitants in Colombia is greater than the population of the entire Central America” explained Ricardo Poma, CEO of the Salvadorian group who also stated that the people’s cordiality, the investment conditions offered by the country, in what refers to tax exemptions for those investing in hotel and tourism projects, added to the security offered by the country in recent years were the factors that made the scale incline in favor of Colombia.
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CMO Producciones

Address: Calle 75 Nº 8-12, Bogotá - Colombia
Phone: (+571) 2117931 – 2117932 – 2495892

CMO Producciones is a Colombian film producing company, directed by Clara María Ochoa Domínguez, who has led, provided counsel and produced both national and international motion pictures, assuming great challenges in the field of independent author films with all the risks implied therein; it has become one of the fit for purpose companies operating to consolidate the film industry made in Colombia and exported from Colombia. The firm provides different services to local and foreign producers in the area of production management, project counsel in any of its stages, going from script analysis, budget design, production and post-production management to distribution and display of each project.

Included in its motion pictures we highlight “Del amor y otros demonios” whose debut was at the Pusan (Korea) Film Festival; “El ángel del acordeón”; “Esto huele mal”; “Como el gato y el ratón”; “Bolívar soy yo”; “Soñar no cuesta nada”, a box-office success in the country with an abridged version for TV called “Regreso a la guaca”, produced with the most modern high definition technology for Prime Time in RCN Channel (open TV) recording high rates of audience.

Hangar Films

Bogotá (Colombia)
Address: Cra 65 81-37
Phone: (+571) 2312492

Quito (Ecuador)
Phone: (+02) 2240346
Address: Av. Granda Centeno 1722 - Francisco Miranda Sector Canal 4 Teleamazonas

Miami. FL (USA)
Address: 18721 Wentworth 33015
Phone: (+305) 2736269

Founded in 1979, Hangar Films has vast experience in the rental market of professional equipment for motion pictures and TV. Included in such equipment are 35 mm, 16 mm & HD Cam cameras, high quality illumination equipment, cranes and all the necessary equipment for the production of audiovisuals. Its employees are qualified, trained and have a vast experience in motion picture, video and TV production. Hangar Films has expanded to become involved in the development and co-production of some of the most important films produced in Colombia, besides being independent movie producers in Latin America with special presence in Miami and Ecuador.

Palace of the Inquisition

Región: Caribbean Region
Ciudad: Cartagena
Departamento: Bolívar
Nombre: Palacio de la Inquisición
Descripción: The facade of the Palace of the Inquisition, the gates at the bottom and balconies on the upper floor are the characteristics of the colonial house in the city. The main entrance is a baroque style with moldings mixtilíneas. This building is the most imp

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